3 unusual tips for freelancers to increase online work productivity

Freelance work is gaining more and more notoriety around the world. In Brazil it is no different. For those who have not heard of this type of work modality, we will explain. Those who choose to work freelance (also known here as informal) do not need to be affiliated with companies or institutions, offering services autonomously and without the need for a contract.

In many cases, freelancers are able to give their price and also set the deadline for work, but they can carry them out at the most convenient time, such as at night, for example.

When we talk about the digital freelancer, we refer only to those who work through the internet. Some types of jobs are: administrators, designers, content producers, social media, and more. But it is a fact that most professions can be carried out informally, either to carry out work for institutions or even other individuals.

The biggest advantage of the freelancer is having the opportunity to work on the place and time you want. With the Covid-19 pandemic and the increasing possibility of performing 100% online services, many are migrating to this type of work.

Despite these positive points, many others need to be observed. Freelancers need a whole structure to do their job. This involves electronic devices (which may vary according to the services provided) and also a good internet connection.

But it is not because the work is autonomous that the care of online security should be reduced. Quite the contrary. Good practices need to be strengthened so that the worker is sure that your service is delivered in the best way, from installing a good antivirus to using the VPN connection when performing the tasks.

You are in doubt about the topics mentioned in this article or even need practical tips to apply in your day-to-day freelancer. So check out this exclusive article 3 unusual tips that can increase your productivity and also your online security. Let’s go, shall we?

Don’t forget cybersecurity

While we are surfing the internet we are sharing our data, sometimes we how that, but often dont. So it is essential to make sure that your browsing is 100% safe and that nothing that can cause embarrassment to you or your work will be leaked.

The danger of hackers and data leakage is always increasing. Especially if you work somewhere with public wi-fi, but also at home, it is vital to have a firewall and a CONNECTED VPN connection, so that all your traffic is encrypted and secure. If that’s the case, you can focus freely on work and need to worry less about the pitfalls of the internet.

Try working offline when possible

Whenever possible, even return to handwritten notes, as this can be surprisingly invigorating for your eyes and brain. You can type everything later or even use a drawing tablet to get an instant digital version of your notes. We know how much it takes to save our files in the cloud, but so far the software is improving. We know the dangers that the connection can bring, it is possible to perform all the work offline and save instantly as soon as the internet is turned on. Platforms like Google and Asana already work in this way.

Work in relaxing places

This last tip is linked to the productivity of the freelancer. Day by day can be quite stressful, but being a freelancer, nothing prevents you from working in a relaxing place. In fact, as mentioned earlier, this is one of the main advantages of freelancer: the freedom to come and go. Parks and other public places are a good choice. Again, make sure that you are using secured internet networks and that you are also performing good protection practices.


Be sure to protect yourself while we’re working as a freelancer. Although this type of professional is self-employed —even choosing the workplace and also your internet connection—not protecting yourself using good practices and a VPN connection could turn out to be a big mistake.